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Tinguely, Jean

Dates of birth and death
* 22.5.1925 Freiburg i. Ue., † 30.8.1991 Bern
Municipality of origin (CH)
Basel, La Roche (FR), Pont-la-Ville (FR)
Brief biography
Plastiker, Maler und Zeichner. Vertreter des Nouveau Réalisme. Verheiratet mit Eva Aeppli, später mit Niki de Saint Phalle
Fields of activity
Skulptur, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Eisenplastik, Objektkunst, Assemblage, Collage, Zeichnung, Druckgrafik, Film, Kinetische Kunst
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In 1925, the mother Jeanne Louise Tinguely-Ruffieux moves with her only child to Basel, where the father Charles Célestin Tinguely had lived since 1918. While a boy, Jean Tinguely tinkers with mechanical constructions in the forest, driven by waterwheels. In 1940, he begins an apprenticeship as a [more...]

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Last modification
Meta-Malevich «Point Rouge», 1954
Syn X, 1956-58
Metamatic No. 13, 1959
Vehicule stable, 1960
Study for an End of the World No. 2, 1962
Heureka, 1963-64
Dissecting Machine, 1965
Le Cyclop, 1969-1987
Chaos Nr. 1, 1974
Fontaine à Stravinsky, 1983
Méta-Harmonie IV (Fata Morgana), 1985
Cascade, 1991
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1925-05-22 Freiburg i. Ue. / FR / CH 1991-08-30 Bern / BE / CH Tinguely Male Jean Tinguely, Jean