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Armleder, John M

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Armleder, John M (Michael)
Armleder, John Michael
Dates of birth and death
* 24.6.1948 Genève
Municipality of origin (CH)
Brief biography
Artiste pratiquant la peinture, le dessin, la performance, l'installation, le multimédia et exerçant une activité éditoriale et curatoriale. Membre du groupe Ecart
Fields of activity
peinture, dessin, happening, performance, installation, sculpture, multi media, peinture murale, estampe, multiple
Lexicon article
Born of an American mother and a Swiss father, John M Armleder spent his childhood in Geneva at the luxurious hotel Le Richemond, owned by his family. At a young age he discovered the work of Kasimir Malevitch, during a trip to New York in 1958, and met John Cage at the Donaueschingen Festival in [more...]

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Last modification
Sans titre, 1974-1980
Sans titre, 1981
Ohne Titel, 1983
Sans titre, 1984-85
Pour Johnny, 1986
Sans titre, 1987
Sans titre, 1987
Sans titre, 1990
Pour Painting, 1993
Aue te fenua e, 2001
All Night Party (Furniture Sculpture), 2003
Zakk Wylde 1 (Furniture Sculpture), 2004
Everything 2006, 2006
Amphibolite, 2008
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Armleder, John Michael 1948-06-24 Genève / GE / CH Armleder Male John M (Michael) Armleder, John M