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Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler

Dates of birth and death
[Zusammenarbeit seit 1990]
Brief biography
Produktionsgemeinschaft Teresa Hubbard und Alexander Birchler. Zusammenarbeit seit 1990. Video, Fotografie und Skulptur. Leben und arbeiten in Austin (TX) und New York City
Fields of activity
Installation, Video, Fotografie
Lexicon article
Teresa Hubbard, who grew up in Australia and the United States, studied art at the University of Texas in Austin from 1985–88. Alexander Birchler, who grew up in Switzerland, attended the School of Design in Basel from 1983–87. From 1990–92, Hubbard and Birchler completed an MFA (Master of Fine [more...]

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Last modification
Falling Down, 1996
Holes, 1997
Stripping, 1998
Gregor's Room III, 1999
Eight, 2001
House with Pool, 2004
Johnny, 2004
Night Shift, 2005
Flora, 2017
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1990 Cedar Park / TEXAS / USA Hubbard / Birchler Male Hubbard / Birchler