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Hirschhorn, Thomas

Dates of birth and death
* 16.5.1957 Bern
Municipality of origin (CH)
Lenzburg (AG)
Brief biography
Installationskünstler. Plastik, Collage, Video, Tableaux und Assemblagen. Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. Lebt und arbeitet seit 1984 in Paris
Fields of activity
Installation, Plastik, Collage, Video, Assemblage, Kunst am Bau, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum
Lexicon article
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1978–1983, studied at the Zurich School of Art and Design (graphic design). 1984, moved to Paris. 1986, first solo exhibition at the Bar Floréal in Paris. From the mid-1990s, international exhibitions, leading to Hirschhorn being invited to show his work at documenta 11 in Kassel in 2002, at [more...]

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Last modification
Wall Documentation, 1988-89
Lay-out, 1993
Le Bilbao-Catalogue 1996, 18-teilig, 1996
Swiss Army Knife, 1998
Flughafen Welt: World Airport, 1999
Bove-Kiosk, 2000
Relief abstraite («la visite du chancelier Autricien en Suisse»), 2000
Wirtschaftslandschaft Davos, 2001
Crystal of Resistance, 2011
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