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Marclay, Christian

Dates of birth and death
* 11.1.1955 San Rafael
Municipality of origin (CH)
Versoix (GE)
Brief biography
Plasticien de la musique explorant les liens entre sons et images, performeur expérimental, D.J., sculpteur, photographe et vidéaste
Fields of activity
sculpture, art vidéo, performance, objet, installation, action
Lexicon article
Born in California of a Swiss father and an American mother, Christian Marclay grew up in Geneva, where he began his art studies at the École Supérieure d’Art Visuel (1975−77). He continued his training at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, attending the sculpture class, and participated [more...]

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Last modification
Endless Column, 1988
The Beatles, 1989
Just take my body, 1991
Digestive System, 1992
Sans titre (Stool), 1992
Amplification, 1995
Telephones, 1995
Locked / Imaginary Records, 1997
Impossible Musical Instruments, 24.1.2001-17.2.2001
Video Quartet, 2002
Aaaaahhh, 2006
Crossfire, 2007
Manga Scroll (détail), 2010
Animation anhalten

More works

1955-01-11 San Rafael / CALIFO / USA Marclay Male Christian Marclay, Christian