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Mosset, Olivier

Dates of birth and death
* 5.11.1944 Berne
Municipality of origin (CH)
Villiers (NE)
Brief biography
Peintre . Adepte d’une peinture abstraite, monochrome et géométrique
Fields of activity
peinture à l'acryl, peinture
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Son of a chemical engineer, Olivier Mosset followed classical studies at the secondary school in Neuchâtel. In 1963, already interested in painting, he visited the first Salon international des galeries-pilotes in Lausanne, where works by Lucio Del Pezzo, Alain Jacquet, Jasper Johns and Frank [more...]

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Last modification
Sans titre, 1970
Sans titre, 1984
House brand, 1988
Prophyltex, 1988
PVB (Parking Violations Bureau), 1988
Tasters choice, 1988
Black Square, 1990
Red Cross, 1990
Untitled, 1989; Patricia's Pillow, 1989; N.T.C., 1989 und weitere, 1990
L-shape, 1995
Sans titre, 1996
Sans titre, 1996
Sans titre, 1997
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